Rehab Patient Spotlight

Smoochie's Story:

Smoochie was admitted into our outpatient rehabilitation program four weeks post spinal decompressive surgery. At the start he was unable to stand, walk, and urinate on his own. With time and with appropriate application of targeted therapeutic exercise, Smoochie made a full functional recovery. 

In the early days of rehabilitation.  Relearning how to walk using booties for protection.

On the land treadmill, a little further along.


On the land treadmill using his cart to help him walk.

Learning to balance again.

At the end of Rehab.  On the balance board.  He must use different muscles in order to keep his balance when the board is being shifted. Way to go Smooch!

Nikita’s story:    

Nikita suffered a major spinal injury with surgical intervention that rendered her unable to sit, stand, or walk. Through months of close medical management, intensive therapy, and with the application of acupuncture, Nikita made a full recovery. Today this sweet girl is fully functional and enjoys a happy, active lifestyle alongside her wonderfully committed owner. 


Snuggling with her teddy after surgery.

Getting encouragement from Kim.

Nikita at home with Misha.

Nikita out for a walk completely unaided!

Corey's Story:This little guy has and continues to struggle with major orthopedic and internal medical issues so much so that he is not a surgical candidate to repair a ruptured ligament in his knee. These photos show a part of the fitting process for his supportive knee device and of the final product that now affords him with the ability to return to his active, pre-injury lifestyle.

Our Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner Kim and Corey.

Kim measuring Cory's leg for his brace.

Removing the plaster cast.

The brace has arrived and Corey patiently lets us make sure the fit is perfect.

Out for a walk.

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