Boarding at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital

Cary Street Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer boarding to our clients.  We take pride in our kennel being a home away from home, where every pet will receive the highest quality care in a clean, harmonious and safe environment.  You can rest assured knowing that your dog will be walked at least 3 times a day on weekdays and twice daily on the weekends.  Your cat will be given playtime daily.  No matter what boarding option you choose for your pet, he/she will receive an unparalleled level of personal attention and love.  One of the biggest advantages of boarding your pet with Cary Street Veterinary Hospital is the on-site medical team, who are readily available should your pet ever have an emergency. 

Is your dog a good candidate for boarding?

We offer three types of canine boarding for you to choose from:

1) Suites:  Spacious 7' by 8'.  Perfect for large breed dogs or a pair of small to medium sized dogs (from the same family only).  When your pet boards in a suite he/she will receive 15 minutes of customized playtime daily.  For your older or less acitve dog, we offer 15 minute in-suite massages daily.  Guests staying in our suites are also treated to special bedding.  Our Cozy Cots keep your dog comfortable and elevated approximately 6 inches from the floor.  These cots are especially beneficial for older dogs or dogs with special needs.



2) Traditional Runs:  4' by 8'.  Ideal size for one dog. 

3) Traditional Kennel:  For dogs 25 pounds or less.

We also offer boarding for your feline friends.  The cages in our Cat Ward are spacious and offer sleeping platforms, as well as cubby holes for litter box privacy.  We offer two boarding options for your cat:



1) Traitional Kennel: Ample size for one cat. 

2) Feline suites:  Our suites are three traditional kennel cages that are joined by wall cut-outs.  Our suites are ideal for two cats (from the same family only). 

We also provide boarding for your exotic pets (snakes, birds, etc.) and small animals (hamsters, mice, etc.)  We ask that you please bring all necessary equipment for your exotic pet or small animal, i.e. cage, substrate, heat lamps, water bottles, hay, etc. 

We will gladly administer any medications your pet may need while boarding.  We ask that you please bring these medications with you when you drop off your pet. 

Cary Street Veterinary Hospital will provide food, water, and bedding for your pets while they are boarding.  You may, however, bring your pet's own food if he/she has special dietary restrictions.  We ask that no personal belongings, such as bedding or toys, be left with your pet while boarding.

In order to board, your pet must be current on ALL vaccinations, flea free and intestinal parasite free.  If vaccines are not current, they will be performed.  If fleas are noted on your pet, we will perform the necessary treatment to ensure a flea free environment in our kennels.  If your pet has not been dewormed within the last 6 months, we will perform the necessary deworming.   

 A mandatory basic bath will be given after your dog boards for three nights or longer.  Your cat will receive a bath after boarding for 5 nights or longer.  You may prefer your pet to have a full bath, which includes a nail trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning. 

On the day of pick up, your pet will be ready after 3pm.  This is to ensure that he/she is dry from the bath, fluffed, puffed, and beautiful for you!  If you would like to pick up before 3pm, please make the necessary arrangements with the reception staff.

Please call ahead for reservations at (804) 355-9144.

Boarding Check-in Form

Save time by printing and returning this form when you check your pets in for boarding. Note that you must fill out a separate form for each pet boarding with us. Please allow 15 minutes for check in.

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