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What is Fear Free?

No Fear

We know pets are afraid of the veterinarian—it’s just a fact of life. And while we can’t verbally communicate to your furry friends that we are here to help, we have taken a huge step to show them that we are the good guys—we are proud to say that Cary Street Veterinary Hospital is Fear-Free Certified!

What is Fear-Free Certification?

If you’re unfamiliar with this achievement, the Fear-Free Certification Program is a training course that helps veterinarians modify clinic procedures, handling, and facilities to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving the medical care they need.

How Does a Practice Get this Distinction?

To become Fear-Free Certified, all aspects of our hospital were evaluated, including culture, leadership, client education, facilities, patient visits, staff training, and more. Additionally, a Fear-Free Practice Certification Veterinarian performed an on-site where they reviewed and then ultimately approved us.

We’re Here for Your Pets.

We love our clients and their pets and are proud to have taken this step. We look forward to continuing to treat your companion animals with compassionate care. For more information on Fear Free Certification, click here.

What Makes Fear Free Veterinary Visits Different?

What do we mean when we say that a veterinary visit is Fear Free? Our Fear Free Certified team members want your pet to be happy when they come through the door of our practice.

Fear Free does not mean that your pet will never experience anything uncomfortable at the veterinarian. Sometimes pets come to us injured or ill, but we make every effort to reduce any fear, anxiety, and stress related to exams and procedures. Here are several ways we help your pet stay comfortable and relaxed from arrival to departure.

The waiting game is over.

You can expect to have an exam room ready when you arrive for your appointment. We strive to minimize any time spent in the waiting area that could cause stress or anxiety to your pet. 

No more sitting on slick, cold surfaces.

Your pet will have a nonslip surface to stand on such as a yoga mat or a warm, pheromone-infused towel. 

Relaxation rules.

Pheromone and aromatherapy diffusers emit calming substances into the air. Only dogs and cats can smell them and they find them relaxing.

Eye contact is for you, not your pet.

Whenever appropriate, Fear Free certified veterinary team members will initially avoid eye contact with your pet and focus on you instead. This helps your pet feel less stressed because they are not the center of attention and gives them time to check out their environment and become accustomed to the team member’s presence. 

Got treats?

Bring your pet in hungry because Fear Free certified veterinary team members will be handing our many small but delicious treats throughout the visit to welcome your pet, distract them from procedures and reward them for cooperation. 

“The back” is out.

Whenever possible, our Fear Free certified veterinary team members will perform exams and procedures right there in the exam room so your pet will be reassured by your presence and you can assist as needed. This will give you assurance that they are being treated kindly and respectfully.

A little extra help.

If needed, we will prescribe anti-anxiety or other calming medications or supplements to help make the car ride and the visit more enjoyable and less frightening for your pet. 

Emotional Rescue.

Our veterinary team members will note your pet’s emotional response to the visit and what treats and techniques worked best to reduce any fear, anxiety, and stress that may have been expressed. This will help make future visits even better.

For any questions, contact us at 804-386-0196.