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Dear friends, I just wanted to say I think you are wonderful.  Words can’t express how grateful Jojo and I have been for your many, many kindnesses over the years, especially during his decline.  Take care! Fond Regards- Susan

To each of you that knew and cared for Mioki.  I sincerely thank you for the kindness and care that you provided Mioki until she left this earth.  It was a difficult decision to put her to sleep and I miss her everyday.  Thanks for helping us through that day.  In addition, it was so thoughtful to make a donation to the FETCH a Cure fun to honor Mioki’s life.-Lisa

Dr. Kuhn- Thank you for all the care you gave to Mr. Darcy.  It was kind and helped a lot to receive your email with suggestions on how to tell kids.  Being able to tell our five year old we made sure he had the best doctors taking care of him helped.  I miss his licking now.-Sincerely, The Ward Family.  p.s.-please thank all the vet techs as well.  

Dear Dr. Dahlgren- Heartfelt thanks to you and your team for the wonderful care you provided for Charlotte following her fall. Our girls mean the world to us and knowing we have quick access to the very best veterinary care is a great comfort. You are fabulous! All the best, Liz

Dear Kim and the CSVH team-Thanks for taking such good care of Wilow! She seemed to enjoy her time with you. -Dawn & Willow.


Dear Dr. Kim Kuhn- To all the fine doctors, techs and staff at Cary Street Vet, Thank you for the years of care you have given our beloved cat Pearl.  You bore with our many questions over time and tears at the end, and gave us such a peaceful and caring place for that difficult final moment.  We are so glad you are our neighborhood vet!  And look forward to bringing our next cat to you- Wendy & Robin

Dear Friends at Cary Street-Thank you again for the kind & gentle care you gave Molly.  I appreciated the lovely card that you sent.  I do miss her.  She was my perfect cat.  Listening to music with me-coming to my side to purr & be petted each day- She & Mia, who died four years ago, were cats I used to feed in an alley, on the way to work.  They used to do a neat, synchronized dance at night turning in a complete circle.  Very amazing.  I know they are dancing together again in cat heaven.  Let it never be said that feral cats can’t be wonderful “pets” in the right circumstances.  My son’s cat Lucy, is nearby to comfort us.  Please keep up your kind & gentle care.  Thank you- Jana

Dear Friends at Cary Street Vet- Thank yo so much for the donation to Fetch a Cure in memory of Toby.  It was very kind of you to remember Toby in such a thoughtful way.  We miss our sweet boy terribly and hope that he has been reunited with our beloved Tess.  Thank you again for your kindness.  Fondly- Leslie


To all the ladies at CSVH- Happy Vet Tech Appreciation Week!  I just wanted you all (doctors too!) to know how grateful the Morrisons are to have found you all.  You are all so kind to Hank, Sophie, and me (as well as Brad when is he is rarely there!)  Without your help to care for my sweet boy, I don’t think we could do this parenting thing well at all!  All of it is noticed- whether it is taking our multiple calls and questions per week, or help getting Hank to the car, or holding Sophie while I pay…it is all appreciated and noticed!  We love you guys and are so grateful to be clients and friends.  Love- The Morrisons

Thank you to all the beautiful human angels at Cary Street Vet for teaching us about passages…We still don’t know quite what to do, but your presence, caring, knowledge and love helps us to keep moving.  Love- Cassandra and Nette Dexter Private eye.

Dear Kim and Staff- George and I wanted to thank all of you for the care and concern you gave and had for Cleo these past months.  While we’ll never know exactly what she had and what went wrong, she knew she was loved and that we were all trying to help her.  Caring for pets (and their owners) is not an easy job and we appreciate all you did for us and Cleo.  You are all wonderful at what you do.- Kathi and George.