Dear friends, I just wanted to say I think you are wonderful.  Words can't express how grateful Jojo and I have been for your many, many kindnesses over the years, especially during his decline.  Take care! Fond Regards- Susan

To each of you that knew and cared for Mioki.  I sincerely thank you for the kindness and care that you provided Mioki until she left this earth.  It was a difficult decision to put her to sleep and I miss her everyday.  Thanks for helping us through that day.  In addition, it was so thoughtful to make a donation to the FETCH a Cure fun to honor Mioki's life.-Lisa

Dr. Kuhn- Thank you for all the care you gave to Mr. Darcy.  It was kind and helped a lot to receive your email with suggestions on how to tell kids.  Being able to tell our five year old we made sure he had the best doctors taking care of him helped.  I miss his licking now.-Sincerely, The Ward Family.  p.s.-please thank all the vet techs as well.  

Dear Kim and the CSVH team-Thanks for taking such good care of Wilow! She seemed to enjoy her time with you. -Dawn & Willow.

Dear Dr. Kim Kuhn- To all the fine doctors, techs and staff at Cary Street Vet, Thank you for the years of care you have given our beloved cat Pearl.  You bore with our many questions over time and tears at the end, and gave us such a peaceful and caring place for that difficult final moment.  We are so glad you are our neighborhood vet!  And look forward to bringing our next cat to you- Wendy & Robin

Dear Friends at Cary Street-Thank you again for the kind & gentle care you gave Molly.  I appreciated the lovely card that you sent.  I do miss her.  She was my perfect cat.  Listening to music with me-coming to my side to purr & be petted each day- She & Mia, who died four years ago, were cats I used to feed in an alley, on the way to work.  They used to do a neat, synchronized dance at night turning in a complete circle.  Very amazing.  I know they are dancing together again in cat heaven.  Let it never be said that feral cats can't be wonderful "pets" in the right circumstances.  My son's cat Lucy, is nearby to comfort us.  Please keep up your kind & gentle care.  Thank you- Jana

Dear Friends at Cary Street Vet- Thank yo so much for the donation to Fetch a Cure in memory of Toby.  It was very kind of you to remember Toby in such a thoughtful way.  We miss our sweet boy terribly and hope that he has been reunited with our beloved Tess.  Thank you again for your kindness.  Fondly- Leslie

To all the ladies at CSVH- Happy Vet Tech Appreciation Week!  I just wanted you all (doctors too!) to know how grateful the Morrisons are to have found you all.  You are all so kind to Hank, Sophie, and me (as well as Brad when is he is rarely there!)  Without your help to care for my sweet boy, I don't think we could do this parenting thing well at all!  All of it is noticed- whether it is taking our multiple calls and questions per week, or help getting Hank to the car, or holding Sophie while I is all appreciated and noticed!  We love you guys and are so grateful to be clients and friends.  Love- The Morrisons

Thank you to all the beautiful human angels at Cary Street Vet for teaching us about passages...We still don't know quite what to do, but your presence, caring, knowledge and love helps us to keep moving.  Love- Cassandra and Nette Dexter Private eye.

Dear Kim and Staff- George and I wanted to thank all of you for the care and concern you gave and had for Cleo these past months.  While we'll never know exactly what she had and what went wrong, she knew she was loved and that we were all trying to help her.  Caring for pets (and their owners) is not an easy job and we appreciate all you did for us and Cleo.  You are all wonderful at what you do.- Kathi and George.

Dr. Dahlgren, thank you so much for all the handouts.  I know they will come in handy now and in the future.  I will also share them with friends who have gone through the same thing that I have.  I really appreciate how caring you were and helping me get to the decision to let go of Sooty.  I am sure that is the hardest thing for you as a Vet to handle.  Not pushing someone to make that decision, but encouraging them and supporting their decision if it's best for their pet.  You did that well on Wednesday.  And thank you so much for all the awesome care you gave Sooty over her elder years particularly.  I know she wouldn't have made it that far and with that good a quality of life if it wasn't for you.  That is a lot of trust to put in someone else's hands...but I trusted you to do what was best for her.  So if I haven't said it enough....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. - Terry.  p.s. I haven't regretted my decision.  I know it was best for her.  

Cary Street Vet Team- We are incredibly grateful for the love and care you provided our beloved Romeo with.  You guys have helped bring us joy despite the onset of emotions that are inevitable with aging/transition.  Thank you so much for the love, care, support and knowledge you've shared with our family.  With love- Ashley, Sylvia and the rest of our pack.  

Nick and I want to say a special thank you for all the care you gave our loved C.C.  She was so special to us and the care she received at Cary Street Vet was equally special.  We sincerely thank you for everything you did to make her last days better.- Hattie, Nick and Cooper too.

Dear Cary Street Vet Clinic- I chose this card because it looked like The Rainbow Bridge in the comforting poem.   Thank you so much for the donation to Fetch a Cure in Sooty's memory.  It makes me happy to know something good came out of her passing.  Dr. Dahlgren and Dr. Kuhn, you both have so much to do with Sooty living to near 20 years old! You both and the staff always gave her the utmost care.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything! - Terry

Thank you for your kindness and support over these last years, I will always be grateful. - Shannon

Dear Doctors and Staff- This is long overdue, but, I really appreciate the donation to Fetch a Cure, the card signed by everyone with notes, and the stone with Tinker's name on it.  Also, I really appreciated when bringing Tinker for fluids, for not holding me to a strict schedule! I still miss Tinker very much.  She was a very special kitty.  I can be comforted by remembering how much she enjoyed her home.  She was the most satisfied kitty I think I ever had.  Thanks very much for all you do.- Ruth

Dear Dr. Kuhn and all the staff- I was so surprised and deeply moved at receiving the "Cinde" stone and card. I do not have adequate words to express my gratitude for all the loving care that you gave Cinde-not just at the end, but all her life. Your compassion and love for animals comes through daily. Know that, over the years, I have repeatedly recommended your services to pet owners in town. Thank you again. Your support to me is greatly appreciated. You all made her death a gentle, peaceful one. (this week as been hard. Her absence is more obvious this week. ) The resource list is helpful. Sincerely- Linda

Dear "Girls" at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital- Albert thanks you so much for his lovely new harness. He looks quite handsome and is very proud and safe. Thank you for this lovely gift. Love-Sharon

Dr. Dahlgren- Thank you so much for all the handouts. I know they will come in handy now and in the future. I will also share them with friends who have gone through the same thing that I have. I really appreciate how caring you were and helping me get to the decision to let go of Sooty. I am sure that is the hardest thing for you as a Vet to handle. Not pushing someone to make that decision, but encouraging them and supporting their decision if it's best for their pet. You did that well on Wednesday. And thank you so much for all the awesome care you gave Sooty over her elder years particularly. I know she wouldn't have made it that far and with that good a quality of life if it wasn't for you. That is a lot of trust to put in someone else's hands...but I trusted you to do what was best for her. So if I haven't said it enough...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.-Terry.  p.s. I haven't regretted my decision. I know it was best for her. 

Dear Everyone as Cary St Vet, thank you so much for nine years of amazing care. Everyone- from the front desk staff, the kennel staff, the techs, the vets-everyone made Pudge and I feel so cared for.  Through all of our ups and downs from his first visit til his last-your kindness, love, patience, and knowledge were always such a comfort to me.  I always knew Pudge was in the best hands.  Thank you all.  Thank you for everything.  XOXO- Abbie

Dr. Kuhn, Dr. Dahlgren, Dr. Learn & the entire staff- Thank you so much for your thoughtful sympathy note and the donation to Fetch-a-Cure in honor of our sweet Gracie.  You took such great care of our little girl who faced many medical challenges.  Here is a commissioned piece of art we had created of her-she'll remain in our hearts forever. -Warmly, Mary Beth

Dr. Kuhn and Staff- You have my heartfelt thank you and gratitude for the help that you have given to me and to Charles over the past years.  Your good care was also part of the reason that he lived to the ripe old age of 17.  I will forever be in your debt- you have made an unbearable situation bearable for me.- With love- Frances

To my Dear Friends at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital- I received the most thoughtful gift in memory of my sweet Annalue from you all.  This means so much to me as her loss has been really hard.  Your remembrance of her is so special to me.  Thank you so much.- Kristy (Charlie, Alex, Charlotte and Pete)

Dr. Dahlgren & Carytown Vet Staff- Thank you so much for the care you gave Luna.  Although she had a difficult journey these past 6 months, we know it was made easier by the diligent and empathetic are you all provided.  Thank you again for everything- Matthew and Heather

Hi Vet Friends- I thought you would enjoy this blog post and video I put together as a tribute to Sunny.  Creating it helped me process my grief and let me focus on the immense joy she brought to my life.  She actually enjoyed coming to the vet.  I still remember fondly how, during her younger days, she used to trot in and plop her paws up on the reception desk and smile whenever she arrived.  She was a very funny and happy dog.  Thank you so much for everything you did for her over the years, right up until the end.  I miss her every single day.  

Dear Dr. Kuhn- You have saved my dog! Ghandi is doing so much better.  Thank you not only for your expertise but for your compassion.  Sincerely- Patrice

Dear Cary St Vet Family- Two cakes for you: Moonie loves pistachio-but Lizzie really loved carrots (although she never had a carrot cake!) We cannot thank you all enough!- Bill & Moonie

Dr. Dahlgren and Staff- Please know your kindness during Fox's journey to Rainbow bridge was and is greatly appreciated.  His stone is beautiful and a in a very special place in our home.  -The Campbells, Paula &Charles, Velvet, Renata & Zoie

Dear friends at Cary Street Vet- You can't imagine how surprised I was to receive the beautiful memorial stone for Cedar.  I was so touched by your thoughtfulness.  This stone sits by Cedar's ashes and will always be a tribute to the wonderful support and medical care that you have provided over the years to all my dogs and cats, including Cedar.  I so appreciated all you do and thanks again for your caring tribute to Cedar.  - Anne

Dear Christine and everyone at the Vet- Thank you so much for letting me come in and volunteer.  It was so much fun, and I learned a lot.  I learned how to spot different things in a microscope and learned some rehabilitation tips.  I learned how to clean the windows and wash the rooms.  I really felt like aI was part of the vet.  Here are some salted caramel butter bars.  Hope you enjoy! Thanks- Virginia

Dr. Dahlgren- Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the care and support you offered Rosie.  She has meant so much to our family and giving her the best life we could has been a top priority.  Thanks for taking the time to work through challenging times and celebrate in our moments of progress.  We are so thankful for each day we had with her.  The compassion and love from you and your staff has meant so much.  Best- Rebekah & Nick

Dear Kim and Carytown Veterinary Team-Thank you for all your support of Fetch a Cure.  You've helped make this our best year ever for Pets On Parade and Bow tie Open.  your generosity, time and talent are greatly appreciated.  All the best- Tonie & your Fetch family

Dear Dr. Dahlgren and staff- Thank you so much for all your caring and compassionate care during Itty Bitty's illness and euthanasia.  My daughter and I really appreciate the way and care the euthanasia was conducted.  (with staff's help) Thanks also for all the empathy to us in a card. Regards- Ginette.  ps. and also for your continuing care and patience for "Chelsea"!

Dear Cary Street Vet Staff- Thank you for making a donation to Fetch-a-Cure in honor of my dog Pink's life.  And the personal messages about Pinky on the card you sent really touched me.  I know you all must send a lot of those cards, but please know that it's appreciated.  Thank you for taking good care of Pinky during our years together.- Ann

Dear Dr. Kuhn and team- Many thanks for all of your kindness during Cutty's decline and death.  I very much appreciate this, and all of your great help.  Warmest regards- John-Lawrence

To All Staff- I cannot find the right words to thank each and every one of you for the beautiful card and wonderful stone piece in memory of my dearest Gus- The Gusser.  His stone is next to Katie's on my; deck- and I"m sure they're both "up there" causing trouble and having fun.  Katie- the original trouble maker!  You all are just such an important part of my life and all pups in my family.  So appreciate the care, knowledge, expertise and patience and attention you give in every situation.  I thank you from the very bottom of my heart and you know I mean this.  Your most neurotic client, and now will be so more than ever.  Haha! Count on it.  Love you ALL and so appreciate all that you do.  Most sincerely- Pat.  ps. Reread my messages and thought about re-writing as sure not as refined as most notes you all receive- but no, emotional but heartfelt, so am sending as is- It's truly me at this point.  Thanks to all Pat and Lizzy.  Please share with all.  Cannot thank you enough.  xxxooo

Please know your kindness during Fox's journey to Rainbow Bridge was and is greatly appreciated.  His stone is beautiful and has a very special place in our home.  - Velveet, Renata and Zoie

Everyone-Thank you so much for the beautiful memorial stone for Ace.  It is such a wonderful way to remember him.  Thank you all for your help and kindness along the way as well.  Your love and support mean more than you know.- Lisa, Chris and Ryder

Dr. Dahlgren- We are so grateful for the time and care you gave to Brennie and to us during these last few weeks.  We loved that little girl immensely but we know she got good treatment and the right amount.  I have a feeling that the time we got with her would have felt too short regardless of how long she was with us.  Thank you for all that you do and for being compassionate.  We won't be strangers and will see you with Cody.- Allison & Ben

Thanks to all your help with Sinbad!  He is very special to us and has given us "so far" 15 years of great companionship and hoping for many more. - Boyd and Sandra

Dear Dr. Kuhn and all Cary Street Veterinary Hospital staff-Thank you for the years of care you have given our Beloved King.  King enjoyed visiting-even if it was just to say "hello" to all you ladies and to see the new cats you would have up for adoption in the lobby.  Each of you had a personal touch that made coming to the vet almost like a second home for our King.- The Klemm Family

Dear Dr. Dahlgren- Thank you for your gentle touch during King's transition.  It made a very difficult time for King and for us a little easier and smoother.  We appreciate the attention you and Cary Street Veterinary Staff gave our beloved King during the many challenges lymphoma gave us.  We are truly grateful to have had such a wonderful place to go to.-The Klemm Family

Dear Dr. Dahlgren and the entire staff at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital- We are deeply grateful for your very kind and thoughtful words of sympathy and the beautiful remembrance stone for our sweet Max.  We miss him so much.  Your care and compassion meant so very much to us.  We can't thank you enough for the understanding and wonderful support during his last days and for your gentleness and sensitivity at the end.  We truly appreciate being able to have Max at home and passing peacefully beside us.  Your sincere affection was evident and will be remembered.  Thanks again for your many years of loving care!-Janet, Greg and Sam

Dear kind and caring people at Cary St. Vet- Many, many thanks for your fourteen years of taking care of Chilli.  You were always so nice to her, and I appreciate your remembrances of her.  The Chilli rock sits on my desk and your thoughtful card with all the employee signatures meant so much to me.  With greatest thanks to all.  Sincerely- Mary

Dear Cary Street Vet Staff and Dr.s- Thank you so much for the lovely biscuits and cheese platters you brought to us.  We value your expertise and are grateful to work with you all.  Happy Holidays!- CVCA Richmond

To the Doctors and staff of Cary Street Veterinary Hospital- Thank you so much for bringing us lunch before Christmas! Everyone gobbled up the ham biscuits.  Thanks especially for your support.  It is because of clinics like yours that we are able to do what we do, and we appreciate you all so much!  Have a prosperous and healthy new year- The whole crew at Virginia Veterinary and Specialty Center

Dr. Dahlgren- Thank you for caring for the little stray orange kitten I found under a car last Friday.  You and the staff at the Cary Street Veterinary Hospital were so kind and compassionate.  I am very sorry to hear that he didn't make it, but am grateful you surrounded him with warmth and caring as he deserved.  Sincerely- Susan

Dear Kelly and everyone else at Cary Street Vet- I had a wonderful time volunteering at Cary Street Vet!! It is truly one of the most amazing things ever !!! Going to the vet is one thing I look forward to each summer.  I love seeing all the animals, procedures, and things.  It truly is a wonderful life changing experience.  Kelly, your guidance has been truly amazing too.  I never knew a person who could tell me what they were doing on an animal in the chaos of emergency surgery.  Best of wishes, love, and care to all of you.  Love- Virginia.  p.s. See you next summer!

Dear Kelly & Cary Street Vet- Thank you so much for allowing Virginia to observe this summer.  She had a wonderful time.  You are all such wonderful, positive leaders for Virginia!  Her  experiences with you influence her learning at school especially in Science and her dreams of becoming a vet.  Thank you!- Chris & Karen

To the entire staff at Cary Street Vet- Thank you all so much for taking such wonderful care of Izzy over these past several months.  The love and care you all showed to Izzy through surgery was so much appreciated!! She is such a happy girl now! -Tamara, John & Izzy

My 11 year old kitty Pearl was so sick with a UTI last summer, we thought we were going to lose her.  But the fine doctors and staff at Cary Street Vet worked so hard-and neither I nor my cat are easy patients-to bring her back to health, that here we are a year later with a cat who seems younger and more vibrant than every.  When we wanted to have her teeth cleaned this year, some people suggested we go to a cheap clinic, but Cary Street Vet are the only people we would trust to take care of Pearl!  Thank you for giving us more years with our beloved cat.-Wendy & Robin

Dear Friends at Cary Street Vet- What a kind and loving gesture to send us Wally's rock memorial.  It warmed our hearts.  Your friendship over many years has meant everything to us.  Much love to all- Becky & Jimmy C

Dear Dr. Kuhn & Dr. Dahlgren, Chris, Leigh, Suzanne, Milly, Louise, Kelly, Kim, Shannon, Caitlin, Marian, Tracy, Kathi and Alexa- The signed note you all sent meant so much to me and my wife.  It had been so obvious to me for the past 12 years how much you all loved Barley and I really appreciate your reflections of "sweet Barley".  A few days after the note came a beautiful stone memory marker with Barley's name on it.  That really touched my heart and it is in our backyard in Barley's favorite spot to lie down and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  I want you to know that Barley's last steps on June 12 were to walk to the front door and wait for me to come home-as he had done for the past 12 years.  When I arrived he was still alive but could not stand.  His job of loving and caring for me was completed.  I will always remember the love of my sweet Barley and your loving care of him.  Keep up your magic care.  With all my thanks and gratitude.  All the best- John M

Dear Dr. Kuhn and Everyone- We want to thank you for your donation to Fetch a Cure in the name of Max and the beautiful stone-they both mean so much to us.  You all took such wonderful care of Max over the years-we knew he was with those who loved him whenever he stayed with you.  THank you so much for all your wonderful care.  You are all the best!! - Suzanne and Carl

Dear Dr. Dahlgren- We would like to extend our gratitude to you and the staff at Cary Street Vet for locating the tumor on King's liver.  King is recovering well and he is feeling so much better! We are looking forward to enjoying more years with our furbaby.-The Klemm Family and King

Hello everyone! Thank you for the wonderful recommendations you gave to the rescue groups on my behalf.  After almost a year of being without a dog, I started looking for a new friend.  I had no idea how involved a process it was! But thanks to your kind words I finally met my new best friend, Hunny Mae.  She is a darling little three year old beagle who was found abandoned out in New Kent County.  She is very wary of people but adores other dogs.  It has only been a short time but we have bonded and she has already come a long way in starting to trust people.  I can't wait for her to meet all of you! Thank you again.  Sincerely-Jessica.

Thank you Dr Kuhn for your compassion and care of Indy over the past 16 years. I sincerely appreciate the help and strength that you and Kim Raible gave today. Here are a few memories of Indigo 500!

Dr. Dahlgren, Thanks to you and to your outstanding staff for the excellent care that you provided to Charles.  You added years to his life and I enjoyed spending that bonus time with him.  You made it possible.  I also greatly appreciated the stone memorial reminder.  It was a touching remembrance.  Your kindness and expertise will not be forgotten.  Fondly-Kathy

Dr. Kuhn, I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for helping to make Lolli's last days more comfortable.  We'd also like to help with providing treats for your next office function.-Robert

Dr. Dahlgren and Dr. Kuhn and Staff, Thank you for everything!-Lindy, John and Adeline & Q. 

Stedman at a tea party for three

Dr. Kuhn, I wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for helping to make Lolli's last days more comfortable.  We'd also like to help with providing treats for your next office function. -Robert

Thank you for taking good care of Natasha, Especially these last few years.  She was our sweet little angel for 17 1/2 years and will be terribly missed.  We are grateful to all of you.-Jay, Sonda and Ali.

Dear Doctors Kuhn, Dahlgren, Learn and all staff- It has taken me so long to write you guys, but not a day goes by when I don't reflect on all the love, care, treatment, & guidance you provided to our sweet Bella & our family.  You guys were there for so much...the Parvo, the Addison's, UTIs, & finally providing her (& us) with the most humane & graceful of goodbyes.  I never wanted to think about the inevitability of that day, but when it arrived I know with full confidence you guys led us to make the most appropriate decision.  I was so deeply touched by your compassion & expressions of sympathy.  The contribution to Fetch-a-Cure & the precious memory stone meant so much. Thank you for always being there.  When we are blessed again, we look forward to working with you all again.  Till then...many thanks- Allison, Ray, Maggie & baby Afton

Dear Friends-Thank you for your card and kind thoughts.  We lost a great friend and family member when "Z" died.  Thank you for doing so much to make her life a healthy and happy one.  She loved coming to Cary Street because she was always so well-loved and well-treated there.  Fondly- Bob P

Dr. Dahlgren- Thank you so much for all the care and support you provided Ollie this year as he encountered numerous health issues.  You were wonderful and all you did helped Ollie maintain his quality of life and continue to engage in activities he loves such as walking and kayaking.-Thank you so much!- Lauren

Dear Dr. Kuhn & the staff that took care of Brady- Thank you all so much for your loving care of Brady.  I don't know what we would have done without you and cannot believe our fortune in finding you.  Though we still miss him terribly, thanks to you I'm sure we had more time with him than we thought we would.  We will be forever thankful for the excellent care and compassion you showed to Brady and us.  It meant more than you will ever know. Wishing you warm and happy holidays.-Karen & Ron

To all the folks at the Cary St. Vet-Thank you for your fine care of our dear Pearl cat.  We are so grateful as 2015 begins to have another year with her!-Wendy & Robin

I had FHO surgery on Neville today, with Dr. Dahlgren.  This is the first major surgery other than the neuter on my dog, and a minor laser eye surgery with Gizmo.  Chris helped me this morning dropping him off, Dr. Dahlgren called me when she finished, Suzanne emailed me a picture of him in recovery, Leigh and Suzanne were awesome with me stressing with pick up, and Kelly explained everything in full with discharge.  I couldn't be happier.  Thank you again for taking such good care of all my 4 legged babies!

Dr. Learn, Thank you so much for the kindness and compassion you demonstrated to my friend, Sarah.  Losing a beloved pet is extremely painful, but you showed such concern for her and Mao-mi, helping ease the suffering.  Your professionalism and human touch were both much appreciated.  Thanks-Beth

Dr. Dahlgren, thank you and all of the staff at CSVH for the wonderful TLC you gave our beloved Beagle Saint.  Sincerely-Kathy

Dear Cary Street Staff- We thank you for the extraordinary care you provided to Max since our arrival in Richmond.  As we told you, Max was very selective in whom he "let in", and you were among the very few who met his criteria.  We will never forget your kindness and care. Love-Jerry and John

Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful care that Lilly received over the past few years, as well as the contribution to Fetch-A-Cure.  I will be forever grateful. Sincerely-Susan

Hey All, Was a bit nervous the other day, as I just wanted to make sure I got little Esa taken care of by good people. I felt very welcomed and wanted to say I felt the staff was very professional and friendly. Just wanted to say thanks from a first time pet owner, thanks for making my first visit easy. -Tyler

Dear Doctors and staff members-Thank you so much for the sweet card you sent us and the stone you sent us in Beau's memory.  Your kind words and thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated.  In addition we would like to thank you for the love and care you all gave to Beau over the past 12 years.  He truly was a special dog and you all enriched his life.  Thanks again-Georgia and Scott

Our sweet and wonderful boy Rasputin lost his battle with cancer yesterday morning. He fought long and hard, but sadly his decline was abrupt and rapid. We will miss him tremendously, but at least his suffering is at an end and he can be with his beautiful sister Alexandra. Words cannot express how grateful we are to everyone at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital for their compassionate care for our boy. Sleep well, big handsome.

Dear Dr. Dahlgren & the team of Cary St. Vet Hospital-Thank you so much for sending "Ali" to us for his Cardiology consult! It was a pleasure meeting "Ali" & his family.  We look forward to working with you as well as with future referrals.  Regards-Dr. Weidman & the team of CVCA Richmond.

Dear Kim & CSVH Staff- I want to thank you for the kind donation to Fetch a Cure.  That was a very generous act to remember Henry.  He was a dog with his own unique happy personality.  He always loved coming to CSVH and received such quality care.  I appreciate your lovely card of condolence and kind words.  I appreciate your kindness more than I can say.  I hope to see you soon with another dog.  Truly yours-Suzy

Dear Doctors & staff members, Thank you so much for the sweet card you sent us & the stone you sent us in Beau's memory.  Your kind words & thoughtfulness are greatly appreciated.  In addition we would like to thank you for the love & care you all gave to Beau over the past 12 years.  He truly was a special dog & you all enriched his life.  Thanks again-Georgia & Scott

On behalf of the French Bulldog Rescue Network, we want to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us!! Anna and the rest of the Frenchies, simply could not do without you and the loved and care you have provided.  Thank you so much!-FBRN

To our Cary Street Friends: Please know how grateful we are for all the wonderful care you've provided for Rosie over the past 2 years.  You know her as a slower old lady and even on her most uncooperative days, you were patient and kind and gentle with her.  Thank you so much for that.  Rosie, despite being abandoned as a young dog, was incredibly loving, gentle and cheerful.  She brought pure joy to our home for a long time, so your compassionate care for her meant a lot to us.  We appreciate all of your good advice, support and sincere concern-you are a very special group.  Fondly-Robin

Y'all take such good care of me!! I'm still coughing but I'm better- Thanks so much-Hershey

Dear Leigh, Kathi, Kelly, Dr. Learn and CVSH Team-Thank you all for your EXTRAORDINARY care, support and attention to Max last week.  You went above and beyond the call to help him and us look after him so kindly, and we are more grateful than words can say! Fondest regards-John and Jerry

Dr. Kuhn, Shannon, and CSVH Staff: Thank you to everyone for the care and support that you gave to Maddie during her unexpected illness last week.  It was very kind and thoughtful of Dr. Kuhn to take her personal time to meet Kathi at the hospital after hours.  As you know, everything went downhill fast, and I know everyone there did all they could to make Maddie's final time as painless as possible.  I am so grateful to all of you for the support you gave to Kathi and our family during this time.  Maddie was very special to us.  She will be forever remembered for jumping up on the dinner table to scarf a few scraps, and for her drama queen theatrics when anyone tried to cut her nails or clean her ears.  Maddie will be very much missed, and even the other dogs seem a bit confused and lost without her to boss them around.  Once again, thank you to everyone for your support this meant so much to us.-Rick

Thanks so much for finding me my "furever" home-can you believe it's been a whole year?! I have two terrier brothers, Debo & Divot, who I love to run and play with and a new kitten, Beans, who is my best friend.  My favorite activities are digging, eating, mischief-making, and snuggling. Sending you all a big sloppy thank-you kiss (with a little snaggle-tooth thrown in).  Thanks-Sam

Thanks so much to all of you for taking care of Fangz all these years. He is without a doubt the light of my life & I feel so blessed to have been his Mama & to have Cary Street Veterinary Hospital look after him.-Tracy

Thank you all at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital for the beautiful memorial stone for Eve.  I am grateful for the love and care you all show to all of your patients, four-legged and two-legged alike! Losing my little cat Quentin in January and then my beautiful, sweet Eve in February was very difficult.  The lovely cards of condolence for them both were very thoughtful and greatly appreciated.  I am so glad my pets are in such good, caring hands!- Erika

Dear Drs. Kuhn, Dahlgren and Learn-and the entire staff at the Cary St. Clinic,

Our most sincere thanks, in the kindnesses, respect and superior care you gave our beloved Hoops-and Rebound before her-over the years, especially in her final weeks.  We could not have felt more confident than we did in the care you provided.  We're going to not have cats for a while but you may well be seeing us again down the road.  With thanks and affection- Joanna and David

Dr. Dahlgren -Thank you so much for saving Miss Priss.  Your skill and quick thinking saved our girl's life.  No words can express how very grateful we are to have been given more time with her.  The care she received at Cary Street was wonderful and we just so appreciate the kindness you showed us.  Thank you-Courtney & Boyd

Thank you for the wonderful donations of pet toys, dog beds, pet food, blankets and litter boxes to help care for the pets here at Richmond Animal Care & Control.  We will gratefully use every item!  Your interest in our efforts to help homeless pets become adopted into loving forever homes has touched us all, and on behalf of the staff and volunteers, thank you!  Because of the kindness of you and others who care so deeply, this winter has been a season of hope and accomplishment here at AC&C.  Please encourage your friends, family and co-workers to visit Animal Care & Control to adopt a loving pet!  We appreciate everything you do for us!!  Your staff is fantastic!- Paula Ritter, Outreach Coordinator

Cary St. Vet family-I wanted to reach out and thank you all for the help and support you gave Duchess and myself in our time of need.  You all had a helping hand in keeping Duchess pain free in regards to her cancer-and at the end-her hind legs.  Without your support I would have never been able to take care of Duchess the way she deserved.  The other day I received a package and didn't know who sent it.  I opened it up and it was a stone with a paw print and Duchess' name inscribed on it.  The note said it was from your office.  It was most unexpected and very appreciated.  I broke down seeing it.  It currently sits on my mantle so I can see it all the time.  Thank you again for all your help and support.-Kathryn + Duchess

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts this past month.  As the client or patient, it is the small things you do on our visits that make a big impact on our lives.  Thanks again-Bill

Dear Doctors & Staff-Thank you so much for treating Lucky (and all my other folks) over the years.  Lucky got great care & attention and I especially want to thank you for the sensitivity you all have for the inevitable end of life.  That is probably the most intimate emotional experience (especially for a single person) and I have always been able to trust you all would be awesome.  I miss Lucky, but he was so well cared for by you guys.  Thank you-Grace

Dr. Kuhn, I just wanted to thank you for all the years you have taken care of Toby.  There certainly is nothing that compares to the love and companionship of a dog.  It meant so much to me that you spent that extra time with me on his last day.  Please extend my gratitude to Dr. Dahlgren and the rest of the staff- Brandi

Dear Dr. Kuhn & CSVH Staff,

Thank you for the ear flush & wipes!  My ears & lips feel better already & my mom says I don't smell like a walking yeast factory anymore...She even let me sleep with them again-I'm no longer banished to my own bed. :) Hudson

To all of my wonderful friends at Cary Street Vet,

Thanks so much for the very thoughtful get well card, it meant so much to me! You are the best! -Luke

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

My thanks to you and all the staff at Cary Street Vet Hospital for Anna Margaret's memorial stone, which arrived today.  My special thanks to you for all the care you gave to Anna over the past six years.  All my cats-Zeke, Amanda, Dolce, Maggie and Anna- always received the best treatment at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital.  I will miss seeing everyone, and if after a few months I decide to adopt another older cat, you will be the first I will call.  With appreciation-Larry

Dear Kim and staff,

Thank you so much for your help when I had an FHO back in April.  I was a little slow to recover, but now I am 100% back to normal and feel like myself again.  I love running in the backyard, taking daily walks and playing with other dogs.  You helped tremendously with my recovery, and I wouldn't be enjoying life like I am without you.  Thank you for everything you do!-Love Roxi (&Kelly & Brian)

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for the memory stone and the donation to the Fetch a Cure Memorial Fund in honor of Tess.  We are so appreciative of these meaningful tributes to our beloved Tess.  We miss our beautiful girl terribly and we are thankful for the concern and support from our friends at Cary Street Vet.  Fondly-Leslie

Thank you so much for seeing Mickey so quickly and fixing him up!  I was so upset when I found out our little girl took his cast off.  I appreciate al you did for us!! Thank you- Cindy

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the outstanding care Tess received from each of you.  Tess loved going to Cary Street Vet because she knew that each of you was kind and trying to help her.  During our weekly visits each of you made us feel comfortable, cared for, and understood.  I am so grateful for the time I had with my sweet girl, Tess.  She was so simple and straight-forward-only wanting to love and be loved.  Each of you and the care that you gave to Tess helped us to have the gift of quality time together.  Thank you for the care and friendship you so generously gave to me and Tess.  Love- Leslie

Dear Dr. Kuhn & Staff,

May 31st seems like such a short time ago.  I still come down in the morning expecting sweet Padraic to start talking to me.  I so much appreciate your thoughtful card and certainly the donation in his honor to Fetch-very appropriate.  You did a wonderful job helping to make his last two years a quality time for both of us.  Thank you-Martha

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

Thank you for a pleasant visit yesterday.  Froli (aboard "Doolitle" wearing swamp cooler and doggles)



Dear Dr. Dahlgren, Dr. Kuhn and the wonderful staff at Cary Street Vet,

We are grateful for the years of wonderful and excellent care you provided to our precious boy Chance.  Thank you for helping us through the most difficult decision we ever had to make.  Thank you for the memory stone-We will cherish this always!  And thank you for the beautiful sympathy card.  We wish we could put into words all that Chance meant to us, how much we miss him and how grateful we are for all of you.  Kind regards-Polly, Doug + Raiderboy


To the wonderful people at Cary St. Veterinary Hospital,

I would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the years of wonderful and compassionate care you gave my sweet, little love cat, Tonic.  I would like to thank Dr. Kuhn for the years of wonderful care she gave Tonic.  Especially, last year when she thought outside the box and diagnosed Tonic's insulinoma (which is rare in cats).  Yet Dr. Kuhn went where Tonic's lab work led her.  Sadly Tonic later developed renal failure, and that is what took my little cat's life.  I would like to thank all of the technicians who ever had anything to do with Tonic's know who you are.  You all were always so nice to Tonic, even though she didn't think so.  I would like to thank Dr. Dahlgren and Shannon for coming to Tonic, when it was time for her to go over the Rainbow Bridge.  It made it much easier on Tonic because she was at home, surrounded by her people who loved her.  I would also like to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness once Tonic was gone.  Thank you for the pet memorial stone with Tonic's name, the donation made in Tonic's memory to Fetch a cure, and the thoughtful sympathy card you all took the time to sign, in memory; of my sweet, sweet little love cat Tonic.  I love you all.  Your friend-Nancy

Thank you for your love, compassion, consideration, dedication, help, prayers, thoughts, and services.  Thank you for being there through the years of Lucky's life and through the difficult and unexpecting time of her failing health and last moments with us, your comforts and prayers are truly appreciated.  With love and blessings- Erica and Nicolia

To Bridget's friends at Cary street Vet,

Thank you for the kind and compassionate care you showed Bridget throughout her life, and through her death.  Thank you also for the nice card and the thoughtful memorial rock.  Chloe and I miss her...-Susan

 I just wanted to write to thank everyone at CSVH for the wonderful care and concern shown to Bemidji, my husband and me during such a difficult time.  It really helped to have those around who'd known and cared for her since she was a puppy.  Thank you also for the beautiful memorial stone-another way to honor the spirit of my beloved Bemidji.- Maria

Dear Cary St Vet Staff,

Thanks so much for taking such great care of Kiki!  And for being so supportive & helpful with our flea situation.  We love Cary St. Vet!-Katie, Tyson &Kiki

Dear Dr. Faulkner and staff,

Thank you for your care and concern regarding our cat Tigger.  He received the best treatment and although he is gone-we know you did all you could!- Kathy, Ward, JG &Ward Jr.

Dear Dr. Kuhn and staff,

A sincere thank you for the gift to Fetch A Cure in Maya's memory, your calls and never ending support during a very difficult time in our life.  We have sent Maya to be with her original owner, our son Scott.  He loved her as did we, and she taught him many lessons about responsibility.  We find comfort in knowing they are together again.  You and all of the doctors (staff) could not have been more compassionate.  You will always be my #1 recommendation!- Pat

Dr. Kuhn and Team,

Thank you for being so supportive in helping me get to the bottom of Miss Gracie.  The care, follow-up calls, and referral to Dr. Young at Bush Neurology is very appreciated.  Fingers crossed the medication intervention gets my jovial dog back to her "new" normal.  Warmly-Mary Beth

Dear Dr. Kuhn and the wonderful staff at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital,

Thank you so much for your wonderful care of my crazy little Annalue.  Your time, care and professionalism is appreciated so very much.  I think highly of your hospital and the care you give.  I am so grateful to have you down the street.-Kristyn

Thank you very much for Spanky's stone.  I don't know if you are aware, but we have stones commemorating all of our pets who have died.  Your gift fits perfectly into our family tradition.  Thank you, also, for the gift made in Spanky's honor.  I adopted Spanky because he was unwanted and uncared for.  I think that matches his spirit perfectly.  Thank you again. -Austin

Dear Kim, My mom and I want to thank you for your thoughtful donation to Fetch in honor of Roscoe.  Mom and Roscoe had a long and very special relationship and she really appreciated all you and your staff did in his care.-Wendy

Dear CSVH Staff:

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the warm words and thoughts regarding our loss of our beloved Alexandra.  She was a sweet and beautiful girl who gave as much love as she her 4 1/2 years on this earth she made a huge impact and filled our lives with boundless joy.  Her sudden absence from our lives has been indescribably crushing, but your gracious and sincere sympathy has helped us more than words can fairly describe.  Thank you so very much for your concern, for the lovely sympathy card, and for your extraordinary care for my surviving 2 cats and their well being.- Jennie, Adam, Rasputin and Panda Cub

Dear Dr. Kuhn-etc,

Thank you for the stone with Merlin's name on it-how very special.  We are going to scatter his ashes at the river where he could be free and he loved it.  Lacy died there so she is buried there and has a marker, so we are going to put Merlin right beside her.  We miss him so much, he was my shadow during the day, and Marshall's in the evening.  Livvie seems to be taking over some of his traits.  However, she sleeps on her side of the bed they shared, leaving his side waiting.  Fondly- Caroline

Dr. Kuhn & staff of Cary Street Veterinary Hospital,

Thank you for your compassionate care of Shenan during her final years.  She had a fighting spirit, but her little body gave out on her.  You were always kind, thorough, and professional-I have recommended-and will continue to recommend you to my friends and job acquaintances.  I also appreciate the donation in Shenan's memory to Fetch a Cure.  My friend Joy is involved in that organization and speaks very highly of their work.  My thanks-Elizabeth

It's hard to believe it's been a month since I lost my best friend, Ace.  The outpouring of affection and sympathy from everyone at Cary Street has touched me greatly.  From the wonderful card with all the kind words, to the stepping stone with his name, to the donation made in his name to Fetch a Cure, I realize just how kind and caring everyone there is.  Ace was always treated with upmost care and kindness at Cary Street.  He is gone from our daily lives, but his memory will live forever.  I always decorated him at Easter and took him to the Easter Parade on Monument Ave.  He delighted children and adults with his happy "jelly bean spots".  That was his life from beginning to end, to love everyone he met, animal or human.  Again, thank you for all the love to help me deal with my profound loss.-Lucy

Dearests Vets n Techs n all of the great people here at Cary S. Vet.

Thank you beyond words at the love and care you gave to my boy Woody.  I know you guys loved him as much as I did.  He flew away to heaven this past Wed.  He was an awesome bird! Thank you! Woodys Bud-Alice

To all of you who took such good care of Rusty,

Thank you for the stone with Rusty's name.  Rusty was buried in the backyard.  His best bud Simon sits in the sun and keeps him company there.  Sincerely-Stan and Chris

Dear Friends of Mollie,

Grady and I want to thank you for your love to Mollie through the years.  She was a blessing to us and we miss her greatly.  It was 14 years ago today that she came to live with us on my birthday.  A present I will never forget.  She left us with many sweet memories.  Thanks to Dr. Dahlgren for her compassion for all of us on Mollie's last day.  God bless you all as you continue to take care of our special pets.  Love-Jane

Dear Doctors and Staff,

Buddy, Austin, Alex and I would like to thank you for your thoughtful donation to Fetch a Cure in Spanky's memory.  Your gift is a beautiful way to remember such a beloved member of our family.  We would also like to thank you for the compassionate care that you gave to Spanky.  We especially appreciate the help that Dr. Faulkner, Dr. Blanchong, Marian, and Shannon gave us in helping to make Spanky's passing peaceful and surrounded by the family who loved him.  We are truly grateful to have such skilled and compassionate professionals caring for our four-legged family members.  Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.  Sincerely-Leslie.

Dear Dr. Kim,

Thanks for being Willis' shrink-Maude

Dear Cary St. Vet Staff and Doctors,

I can't thank you enough for how well you cared for Zeus over the years, and helped me to care for him.  He was always so excited to come into the office-wagging non-stop and unable to hold back some conversation! Thank you for such a welcoming environment.  Dr. Faulkner, you were always knowledgeable, compassionate, and informative while treating Zeus with his many health issues.  He was a sweet, loving boy, and I feel incredibly honored to have been the lucky human he shared his life with! With gratitude and a heavy heart-Stacy

Dear Dr. Faulkner and CSVH Staff,

With such sad circumstances for our beloved dog, Julius, I can not thank you enough for your professional help and heartfelt compassion.  It's indeed been an awfully sad time and adjustment to not look for him when I come home.  Julius was a loyal friend, always there and will be truly missed.  In your exam room he seemed to communicate with his eyes it was his time to go.  And even though I knew the day would come, it is still so very hard.  Thanks for handling the situation as delicately as possible given the circumstances.  And thank you for the personalized stone.  With warm regards-Dede

Dr. Kuhn and Shannon,

I want to Thank you both so very much for your kindness and compassion and for helping to make a difficult journey be filled with love and light and respect.  I am so grateful for all that you do. - Sammye

Dear Dr. Alexandria Dahlgren and Staff:,

Although some time has passed, I wanted to make sure you knew how much my daughter Jenny and I appreciated you on 3/27/12.  The kind young lady that got me an appt.on that tough day & then was so sweet when I needed to change it when Jenny called to say she had a flat tire.  Dr. Dahlgren, you are so compassionate, gentle and sweet and were so good with Jenny and her "baby + best friend" Sadie.  I felt bad that you had to get down on the floor with Sadie with your "baby" belly, but appreciated it.  Thank you for everything!  You are a wonderful person, vet & will be an excellent mom too! (sic)- Elizabeth

Dr. Kuhn: I want to thank you and your staff for all of the excellent care you gave Pumpkin & Peanut over the years.  They were both good kitties and good companions and I think of them each day.  Thanks also for the nice card all of you sent to me concerning Peanut.  She was certainly a good girl that I got from the SPCA in 1993.  It is always difficult to give up those whom you love.  Thanks again to all of you.  I really appreciate all that you have done.  My best wishes to each of you-Don

A quick note to say thank you for giving Laney her bikini body again.  We will miss you!-Lynne

We can't thank you enough for all the care you gave to IKA.  We still miss seeing her face in the window when we drive in or hearing her bound down the stairs to greet us.  You helped us make the right choice.- Jay & Patrice

Dear Dr. D-Thanks for helping me.  My mouf feelz much better.  Wag Wag Lick-Lucky

I am so grateful for your kindness when my cat "Sampson" passed away just before Christmas, especially Chris at the front desk and Marian who took away his remains.  Thanks-Mary Kay

I miss Matisse and his sweet face every day but know he's in a better place.  I will never be able to repay your love and caring for my sweet baby.- Dottie

Dear Alex & Kim- We so appreciate your kind, gentle presence as Jerry left us yesterday.  You may have heard this before, but we believe Jerry was the sweetest, most placid little creature every.  We used to joke that he was 1/3 dog, 1/3 cat, & 1/3 stuffed animal.  We will miss him terribly and we will remember you for sharing respectfully in a pivotal moment for us.  Warm regards- Margaret & Bob

Dear Friends,

Thank you for Theo's memorial stone.  Its a great tribute to a very special dog.  He was such a trooper, fighting along with the rest of us to try to make him well.  Your love for Theo was so evident each time he came in.  He never got nervous-except around other dogs in earlier years-and seemed genuinely content (or patient perhaps) when receiving treatments.  He was one sweet, handsome and quirky fellow.  He was so well loved-and if love were enough he would have lived forever....I miss him so very much-his quiet dignity when out on walks, his head tilts when I talked to him.  It was a really good run and I'm grateful for our eleven years together.  Take Care!-Kathi

Dear Dr. Dahlgren and all the staff at Cary Street Veterinary Hospital,

Thank you so much for your kind sympathy card and the beautiful memorial rock.  We were extremely touched by your individual notes and the rock is the perfect tribute to our beloved Arnie.  We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.  We placed the memorial rock under the Christmas tree where Arnie loved to lie; Sammy has spent many hours there this season.  Thanks also to everyone there for the care and kindness with which you treated Arnie throughout his life-we know he loved you all.-Jim and Kathy.

Thank all of your staff very very much for making Mickey feel better. -Ms. Goode

To all our friends at Cary Street Vet, thanks for taking such good care of us! - Bucky and Muffin, and our humans Maureen and John.

I guess I'm just as lucky as a cat could ever be, 'Cause I can always count on you to take good care of me! Thanks! Dr. Dahlgren- You're a fabulous vet!-Lila

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lucky and for your compassion and understanding when we made the decision to put him to sleep.  Your follow up card was very touching and appreciated.  Please extend my appreciation to your staff as well. -Dorothy

Over the years I have been satisfied with Cary Street Vets handling of my dogs medical issues as well as overall staff friendliness.  Dr. Kuhn has been thoughtful as well as competent in all our many trips to Cary Street. During my most recent trips, however, the thoughtfulness of the staff has exceeded anything one should expect form any group of people in any set of  circumstances. Thank You for everything..-John

 I want all of you to know how grateful I am for everything you did to save Madison's life.  Each of you played a role in her surgery and recovery.  I can never express fully my appreciation for not only your skill, but for the compassionate way you treated Madison, me and my family. Because of you, I will hopefully have many more years to share with my four legged wild child.  I can't wait to get her back on the beach this fall; chasing birds and ghost crabs are when she is happiest!  Thank You all again for everything. - Monica and Madison

 I really appreciate all the good things you've done for my kitties and me.  It was so kind of you to bring Rene to the hospital to visit.  Thanks. - Ruth

We have visited many animal hospitals through the years and I can tell you Cary Street is number one.  Helping with animal rescue, you see the real thing. Your staff cannot be matched anywhere and that makes everything else work right.  Thank you for being there. - Becky and Jimmie

 Word's can't begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for everything you did for Buddy during the 12 and a half years that she owned me.  She and I have had many conversations and shared numerous Sam Adams' since last Friday, and she wanted me to tell you thanks as well.  You and your staff are the true angels of this earth: and there is surely a special place reserved for all of you once you reach the place that Buddy trotted off to last Friday.  (Just make sure you don't try to take her greenie from know how she is with that "snarly" little grin!)  Please be sure you tell everyone Buddy and I said THANK YOU for all you have done for us, and we both hope to see you all again in our various travels through Carytown. -Mark

  God bless all of you for the good work you do. - Carmel

  We want to thank you for the care you have given to all our pets we've had there and for taking extra care of Beau when we boarded him there last.  We appreciate your care and thoughtfulness.  Thank You so much for everything. - Scott and Georgia

 Dear Friends,

When we left Des Moines we questioned that we would ever find a clinic to match Dr. Johnson's, but we did - after a few tries.  Dr. Kuhn and all of you have been so kind and loving, and so highly professional. Thank You - Bev and Jeff

  Thank You for all your support and care for Beau Riley.  She had a wonderful life, even at the very end at The Ritz Carytown.  Thank You all. - Amanda

  It meant so much to know I could call at anytime with an emergency and have someone respond, regardless of how busy they were.  I also am very grateful for all the exceptional care I've received for all my cats over the years.  They all had better lives because of Cary St. Vet Hospital.  Appreciatively - Larry

 Bailey and I want you to know how much we appreciate your help -  you're the best!  Keep up the good work. Best -  Luman and Bailey

Words could never express our gratitude for the excellent care you have given our dearest Inky and Trouble.  Each and everyone of you are truly a blessing.  Your love and kindness toward all the pets you take care of, make this world a better place.  Thank You a thousand times.  It is comforting to know that our cats had the very best. - Jen  and Beth

We thank you for all your advice and great medical care over the years.  Mr. Scout, the feral cat, is our last pet now.  He had moved in the house every night and is enjoying his position as king of the property.  We look forward to your continued care of Scout and our friendship with all of you. Best Regards - Karen

Thank You for the excellent care you provided to our old girl Blackberry.  She lives a long life because of it. - Terry and Chuck

This is just a thank you for taking food care of Willis.  Since he had the bath, he has never looked more handsome to me, anyway. - Maude

Thanks for having such dedication to the care & concern for all our pets. - Kara

Barney loved every visit at Cary St. - actually leading me in!  I am thankful to have had his beautiful head in my lap near the end. With appreciation for the wonderful attention we both received from all of you.  Affectionately - Cecilia Brooks

We wanted to thank you for you loving service of Mikito during the last 2 years of his life.  I know he loved going to the vet, which is a good sign for an animal!  You all were much more to us than just a "vet". - The Allens

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping my sweet little kitties, Jasmine and Lilly! Lilly is feeling much better with her medicine and Jasmine is healthier than ever with her new vaccines.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful care you gave my babies.  You all were very gentle, compassionate, and loving towards them. 



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