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Scarlett's Adventure Walk:

Hello everyone Cary Street Veterinary Hospital,

Thanks again for sponsoring yet another walk for a very lucky dog. Today's lucky star was a sweet older Pit Bull by the name of Scarlett. Scarlett is a senior dog with a brindle fur coat and very sweet disposition. She is one dog who loves to please and cuddle right up with you. I can tell that Scarlett just loves to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Scarlett had no trouble allowing me to put the harness on her and she waited very patiently for me to adjust it to the right size for her comfort. She had not trouble with jumping into the car and she likes to ride up front just as much as in the back. What she loves even more though is to have half of her entire body hanging out of the window and showing off her lovely smile to the world. She surely caught a lot of attention from a lot of bystanders, but don't worry I didn't allow her to jump or fall out.

We made our way to Belle Island and boy is Scarlett one adventurous girl. Once she jumped out of the car her nose immediately hit the ground and to check out all the great smells. You would think that she was mixed with a hound the way her nose was glued to the ground. We had a great time walking around and enjoying the fresh air. She met a spunky Lab on our trip and she had no problem greeting him and being a sweetheart. He isn't too keen on water, but she does like to get her feet wet.

Also, there is no time for slackers when you are with this girl. She loves to get up and go and keep going. She doesn't like to stop to hangout, instead she just wants to keep moving. This makes her a great adventure buddy and jogging/running buddy but she doesn't like to hike very much in the woods. She likes to stay on clear paths that are free of obstacles and trees. Back at the car she hopped in and immediately plopped straight onto the floor between the front seat and the back seat. She was exhausted, but she had a great day.

Thank you again for allowing this sweet older girl a great day out. Scarlett is available with Richmond Animal Care and Control. If you're interested in sponsoring an Adventure Walk for a rescued dog, please visit

Brewster's Millions' Adventure Walk:

Hey there, fine folks of Cary Street Vet!

Thank you so much for donating an Adventure Walk to a pup in need of a good long outing! Your gift gave a wild, young Border Collie mix a great hike in beautiful weather.

I headed to RACC and walked through the dog runs, chatting for a bit with one of the folks that works with the pups there. She mentioned that Brewster's Millions, a super handsome guy, kept getting passed up and needed a good Adventure. Decision made, we leashed up and headed on out to the parking lot. Its a bit of a jump to get up into my truck, but Brewster sure gave it his all! I helped him with a little boost and he was quickly in, super excited to sniff around and poke his nose out the window while I drove.

We made our way to Belle Isle for some exploring, starting on the southern side of the island. Brewster loved running all around on the flat rocks, playing on a few sandy beaches. He really let loose, zooming around like wild, even running out straight into the water at one point! I don't think he actually meant to go that far out, but he did! He's kind of a messy swimmer, he might not really know how to swim well, but with some practice he'll hammer that out. Summer's coming, perfect time to work on it!

We hopped all around the rocks for a bit longer before heading to the island proper. We followed the lost trail to the beaches on the northern side of the island so our buddy could get wild again. Brewster LOVES running in the sand! He's such a happy go lucky pup, nothing but fun and smiles out of him. We met lots of folks on the island today and he was just delighted. He loved getting attention and love from folks that passed and everyone had lots of compliments to pay this handsome boy.

We eventually had to start the trek back home, but he was TIRED and ready for it. He jumped right up into my truck, no problems this time, and plopped down on the big dog bed in back for a relaxing snooze while I drove us back. Thank you again for sponsoring an Adventure Walk for a needy pup, I know Brewster slept like a log after all the running and play he had! With any luck he'll be out of RACC soon and in a home with a new family.

Brewsters Millions is available with Richmond Animal Care and Control. If you're interested in sponsoring an Adventure Walk for a rescued dog, please visit

More Stories to follow!

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