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Our Canine Rehabilitation Program includes: KIM_009.jpg

  • Aquapaws Underwater Treadmill - Improves strength and endurance without adding stress to the joints
  • Land Treadmill - Treadmill exercise is an effective tool used to pattern gate, encourage early post-operative limb use, and decrease stress and discomfot associated with limb movement
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound - Improves circulation and decreases scar tissue
  • Electrical Stimulation - Helps to re-educate muscles, decreases pain, and/or decreases edema
  • Manual Therapy - Use of massage, myofascial release, and/or joint mobilization to improve muscle and joint function
  • Therapeutic Exercise - Use of exercise to strengthen specific muscle groups
  • Proprioceptive/Balance Training - Use of physioballs and balance equipment to improve balance and body awareness
  • Gait Training - Use of ramps, step-overs, stairs, and variable ground surfaces to improve walking
  • Assistive Device Prescription - Use of personalized equipment such as orthotics or carts to improve physical mobility

Your dog may be a candidate for rehabilitation if he or she:

  • has trouble ascending/descending stairs 
  • has trouble getting in/out of the car
  • has trouble with exercise
  • has had recent surgery
  • is overweight

Benefits of Canine Rehabilitation:

  • Decreased recovery time from surgery
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Weight loss
  • Improved psychological disposition
  • Improved quality of life

To schedule an appointment or for inquiries please call Kim Raible at (804) 355-9144 or email her at kraiblelvtccrp@carystreetvet.com

A referral from a veterinary surgeon or your regular veterinarian is required prior to your pet's rehabilitation evaluation.

Canine Rehabilitation Form

Canine Rehabilitation Brochure

Supportive Equipment:

Thera - Paw


Handicapped Pets

Walkabout Harnesses

Solvit Products- Ramps and Ramp Accessories


Traction Assistance:

Pawz Dog Boots


Neo - Paws

Stress Reduction/Behavior Modification: